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  • Package Design & Packaging Re-design 

  • Brand & Product Naming

  • Research & Development 

  • Brand Marketing and Consulting

  • Logo Development & Design

  • Corporate Identity & Stationary Systems



  • Create Mechanical Art & Digital Files

  • Brand Maintenance

  • Packaging Line Extensions

  • FDA Required Monographs and Regulatory




  • Website Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Trade Show Collateral and Display Design

  • Creating Sampling and Brand Awareness Programs

  • Design of Marketing & Promotion Collateral

  • Photo Shoot Direction


Founded in 1996 by veterans of the package design industry Glyn Eppy and Domenic Lopergolo, The Design Spot is a design and branding company located in the heart of New York City.

We are now a team of creative, insightful, smart, hip, original, award-winning designers and creative thinkers who specialize in Building Beautiful Brands. 

At The Design Spot, we’re problem solvers and build brands

by listening to our clients’ needs and then executing these ideas from concept to completion. We’re experts at creating unique packaging and identity pieces for beautiful products, with an emphasis on skin care, hair care, doctor brands, cosmetics & fragrances, handling everything from the big picture to the

tiniest details. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, start-up or an established company, still formulating your vision or

100% focused, we’ll take you through the entire process of creating your brand.

Merging our creative instincts and intuitive expertise,

we generate smart, imaginative concepts that are

strategically SPOT-on!



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Our work


  • Acme International, Inc.

  • AKMD Skincare 

  • Beautiful Forever Medical Spa Consultants

  • Beauty RX Skincare by Dr Schultz  

  • Belle Meade Medical Skin Care  

  • The Betesh Group

  • Blush Med Institute

  • Brandt, MD Skincare  

  • Campbell Soup Company

  • Cat Cosmetics

  • Center for Cosmetic Dermatology  

  • Day Spa Association, Inc.

  • Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories

  • Dermatological Sciences Corp.

  • Dr. Bobby Skincare for Kids, LLC

  • Dr. Paula Moynahan Advanced        Skin Care  

  • Dr. Doris Day Medical Skin Care  

  • Ethnic Edibles, LLC

  • Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection

  • Estee Lauder Companies - ORIGINS

  • Esteem Medical Skincare

  • Federated Department Stores, Macy's

  • Glytone USA

  • Green Chem Direct 

  • Grand Central Beauty

  • Haley Wood Skin Benefit

  • Hershey Foods Corporation

  • KH Skin Lab

  • Knot Genie

  • Lanco Research, LLC

  • Little MissMatched

  • L’Oréal USA

  • Love, Chic Baby

  • Luv Naturals Hair Care

  • LuxRx Skincare

  • Marilyn Miglin Fragrances

  • Majestic Drug Co.

  • M LAB skincare

  • Milbar Laboratories

  • The Miami Institute

  • MiraCell Inc.

  • #MPWR Skincare

  • Paper Magic Group

  • Perfect Formulas

  • Perfumania

  • The Puck Building

  • Ready To Wear New York Cosmetics

  • Re:Beauty Skincare

  • Reina Rebelde Cosmeticos

  • Real Medical Skincare

  • Revlon

  • RKMD Cosmeceuticals

  • Rodan + Fields

  • Roses for Autism

  • Scarguard Labs, LLC

  • Select-A-Vision, Inc. 

  • Skin is In by Tina Alster, MD

  • Somme Institute

  • Stallex Skincare

  • Stamford Cosmetic Dermatology

  • Sustainable Youth Skincare

  • Sung, MD Medical Skincare

  • 37 Extreme Actives

  • Unilver - DOVE

  • Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery

  • West Institute

  • White + Warren

  • YOU by Matt Titus

  • Young Pharmaceuticals

  • Macrene Alexiades, MD

  • Tina Alster, MD  

  • Susan Bershad, MD

  • Fredric Brandt, MD

  • Robert Buka, MD

  • Doris Day, MD  

  • Julio Gallo, MD

  • Ellen Gendler, MD

  • Michele Green, MD

  • Oscar Hevia, MD  

  • Susan Hughes, MD

  • Donna Jezdic, MD

  • Joel Kassimir, MD

  • Rebecca Kazin, MD 

  • Amelia Kaymen, MD 

  • Adam Kolker, MD

  • Michele Koo, MD

  • Chris Kovanda, MD

  • Marc Malek, MD

  • Paula Moynahan, MD

  • Sandy Pritchard, MD

  • David B. Reath, MD

  • Neal B. Schultz, MD

  • Mark Schwartz, MD

  • Herman Singh, MD

  • Thomas Sterry, MD  

  • Joel R. Studin, MD

  • Jimmy Sung, MD

  • Kelley Valle, MD

  • Rosemary Verghese, MD  

  • Rand Werbitt, MD

  • Tina West, MD

  • Clifford Williams, DMD



The Design Spot

125 Park Avenue

25th Floor

New York, NY 10017

Ring: 212.727.9242

Building Beautiful Brands

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